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Playboy, Penthouse No Longer Sold On Army, Air Forces Bases

Adult magazines for sale on military bases.
Morality in Media
Adult magazines for sale on military bases.

The Army and Air Force Exchange Service will no longer sell magazines like Playboy and Penthouse on its newsstands.

Exchange Service spokesman Chris Ward told The Associated Press that sagging sales prompted the decision to stop selling the adult magazines.

But anti-pornography group Morality in Media calls the Exchange Service's decision...

...a great victory in (the) effort to stop sexual exploitation in the Military. While officials claim this change is due to lack of sales, MIM has led the charge to remove these items in light of the Military’s sexual exploitation scandal.

Interestingly enough, on July 22, the Department of Defense sent a letter to Morality in Media executive director Dawn Hawkins, stating that the sale of Playboy and Penthouse was permissible on military bases under DoD rules, because the magazines are not "sexually explicit."