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Two Female West Point Cadets Named Rhodes Scholars

West Point Cadets Calla Glavin and Erin A. T. Mauldin
West Point Cadets Calla Glavin and Erin A. T. Mauldin

Two female cadets who attend the U.S. Military Academy have been named Rhodes Scholars for 2014.

According to The Rhodes Trust, Glavin is from Birmingham, Mich. Her accomplishments include being Cadet Brigade Headquarters company commander, founding editor and editor-in-chief of the Past in Review student newspaper and president of the society of women engineers. In addition:

As a student researcher at the disease biophysics group at Harvard University she has developed a mathematical model for a novel method of nanofiber formation for use in wound healing, and at the Los Alamos National Laboratories she worked on algal biofuels.

Glavin plans to pursue a Master's degree in applied statistics at Oxford. Her proud father, Jamie Glavin, told the Associated Press his daughter has wanted to attend a military academy since she was a pre-teen:

"She always felt that this country has given so much to her that she wanted to give something back."

Cadet Mauldin hails from Albuquerque, N.M. She is a Truman Scholar and ranks first academically in her class.

If that weren't enough...

As a result of her efforts and environmental interests, the Corps of Cadets implemented a new waste management system. She also helped to develop a biogas digester project in Uganda.

Mauldin is also the first American woman to ever graduate from French Commando School.

She plans to earn her Master's in nature, science and environmental policy at Oxford.