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Navy Fires Executive Officer Of USS Cowpens

The Navy announced Friday that it had relieved Cmdr. Armando Ramirez of his duties as executive officer of the San Diego-based USS Cowpens on Sept. 18.

Ramirez lost his job due to what the Navy is calling "an alcohol-related incident."

The Navy Times obtained a report from the Navy that outlines the behavior that got Ramirez sacked. On Aug. 31, Ramirez appeared drunk on the Cowpens' quarterdeck, and was given a breathalyzer test:

The report says Ramirez blew a 0.119 and agreed to stay on the ship overnight.

But then Ramirez allegedly left the ship around midnight, prompting a judge advocate general’s investigation to assess whether he had driven his vehicle while intoxicated.
Cmdr. Justin Harts will now step in as the new executive officer of the USS Cowpens.

As Home Post previously reported, the Navy fired the commanding officer and the command master chief of the Cowpens in June. The Navy reported a loss of confidence in the ability to lead of both Capt. Gregory W. Gombert and Master Chief Petty Officer Gabriel J. Keeton as the reason for their removal.

It turned out, according to the Navy Times, that Gombert had ensconced himself in his cabin for several weeks after becoming ill during the Cowpens' recent 7-month deployment. Gombert put in charge Lt. Cmdr. Destiny Savage as "acting commanding officer" - a female officer with whom he allegedly had a romantic relationship.