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Coast Guard To Screen For Ebola In Port Of Los Angeles (Video)

Coast Guard Screens for Ebola

The United States Coast Guard will start screening incoming ships and their crews at the Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro for signs of the Ebola virus, according to DoD News.

On Oct. 7, The Associated Times reported a U.S. Coast Guard sector on the East Coast announced it would begin evaluating ships coming from Ebola-affected countries into ports in New York and Connecticut.

The following day, on Oct. 8, the Dallas Morning News reported the Coast Guard had started screening ships and their crews coming into Texas ports like Houston and Galveston.

Now, according to the Department of Defense, the Coast Guard is evaluating ships on the West Coast's Port of Los Angeles.

Douglas Stevenson, director of the Center for Seafarers' Rights at the Seamen's Church Institute, told CNBC the Coast Guard's efforts make sense:

"If someone had the Ebola virus on a ship, symptoms will appear long before he arrives in the U.S. But in the airplane, you could have someone who's just in the early stages of the symptoms."