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Ebola Scare In Pentagon Parking Lot (Video)

Sick female patient moved to Fairfax, Va. hospital from the Pentagon
Brad Freitas
Sick female patient moved to Fairfax, Va. hospital from the Pentagon

A woman who became violently ill on a bus in a Pentagon parking lot has been taken to a Fairfax, Va. hospital after telling first responders she had recently visited West Africa, according to the Washington Post.

Brian McGraw with Arlington County Fire told the Washington Post that officials...

“...have no information or conditions to confirm this is Ebola.”

The bus was carrying several Marines and their spouses headed to the Change of Command ceremony for the Marine Corps Commandant at the Marine Barracks in D.C.


Jef Akst, senior editor at The Scientist, reports that his parents were actually on the bus in question and witnessed the sick woman board the vehicle, use the bathroom, then collapse.

Passengers on the bus were quarantined for about four hours, writes Askt:

"The passengers have all been released from the bus quarantine. A doctor from the DC Department of Health boarded the bus shortly before they were released and confirmed that the woman had thrown up in the Pentagon parking lot.

"All passengers are to take their temperature twice a day and report any symptoms that arise to their local health departments. If the woman is cleared of Ebola after a second test, the passengers can stop the precautions."
NBC News reports the sick woman is a civilian contractor with the Pentagon.

Here's more from Washington D.C. television station WJLA-TV: