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Blind Camp Pendleton Marine Vet Competing In Marathon Via Wheelchair (Video)

Staff Sgt. James Carey and friend.
Staff Sgt. James Carey and friend.

Staff Sgt. James Carey enlisted in the Marines when he was just 20-years-old. He served in Afghanistan. His future in the Marine Corps looked bright, until July 2009, according to the Patriot Guard Riders website:

[J]ust prior to his next deployment, he was training for Special Recon group for Navy Seals when he [almost] drowned in a pool among 40 marines.

He was brought back to life but unfortunately, remains blind and is currently still in a wheelchair learning to walk.
Carey's fellow Marines at Camp Pendleton wouldn't leave his side. They made it their mission to keep Carey motivated, as the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association explains on its website:
Marines from Camp Pendleton have come together to keep his spirits up and keep him focused on his recovery. They have done this by assisting him in competing in three full marathons where teams of dedicated volunteers have pushed his wheelchair for the full 26.2 miles. reports Carey now calls Phoenix home. The 27-year-old veteran plans to compete in that city's marathon on Feb. 28.

He will depend on volunteers from the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, the Arizona Police Association, and, possibly, you! Those interested in helping Carey cross the finish line can e-mail Capt. Nate Wood at

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