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A Day In The Life: Women Tech Innovators

<em>Tell Me More</em> is hosted by award-winning journalist Michel Martin.
Amy Ta
Tell Me More is hosted by award-winning journalist Michel Martin.

In 2014, women still represent a small fraction of entrepreneurs, investors, coders and engineers in America. Tell Me More host Michel Martin engages innovative women in tech around the Twitter hashtag #NPRWIT. On the radio, we'll meet women who are driving the rise of the technology sector in this nation's economy. We'll also talk about why the majority of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are men, and how to encourage young women to consider coding and computer science careers.

Throughout March, women innovators across the globe will live-tweet a day in their lives using #NPRWIT. A master inventor from IBM, a technology executive from American Express, and entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley to South Africa represent some of the women taking part. "A Day in the Life" allows us to experience in real time the impact that women are making across the world in the field of technology, science, entrepreneurship and innovation. Follow our hashtag #NPRWIT.

We want your input as well. Email your thoughts to or use the hashtag #NPRWIT on Twitter. Tell Me More is an innovator in creating segments with a dynamic digital presence, having hosted compelling Twitter discussions around diversity in tech with #NPRBlacksinTech and #NPRLatism.


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