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Guest DJ: SOAK

Courtesy of the artist

Before We Forgot How to Dream is one of my favorite albums of 2015. It's by an artist you may not yet know, but I'm hoping you'll fall in love with her. Her name is Bridie Monds-Watson, better known as SOAK.

Bridie is nineteen years old now, but she was fourteen when she wrote some of the music on her new record, including the standout cut "Sea Creatures." The songs on Before We Forgot How To Dream are atmospheric and delicate. It's a much more complex sound than what I expected from an Irish teenager with an acoustic guitar.

I asked Bridie Monds-Watson to play DJ on this edition of All Songs Considered, and share some of the songs she loves by other artists who've influenced her over the years. It turns out she's a huge Pink Floyd fan, with a special fondness for R.E.M. and Bon Iver. We also play and talk about some of my favorite songs from SOAK's new record.


You can hear and download the full conversation with the link above, or scan a playlist of the songs we play in the episode, alongside personal stories from SOAK about each of them.

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