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The '90s, a Topless Bar and Libertarians in San Diego

Is this 1990? Really, is this 1990 all over again? Then why is Republican presidential frontrunner John McCain spouting off about "no new taxes" if elected? I know, Republicans are in awe of the Reagan years, but come on! Stop stealing campaign promises from Reagan's former vice president! &

Though, while this is amusing, it also seems someone didn't do neighborhood scoping plans well enough. Yes, Hillary Clinton's Austin, Texas campaign headquarters is next door to a topless bar . Furthermore, it seems her husband was an hour late to the new headquarters. Hmmm... I wonder, I wonder...

What ever could have kept the former president up? In all seriousness, I really hope this doesn't turn out to look too bad on her campaign. Topless dancers aside, the Democrats are pretty split. So split, in fact, they called forth Al Gore to help clean up the mess . And this, my friends, brings up the term superdelegates. &


No, readers, we're not in a Marvel comic book, superdelegates are over 750 REAL people who will finally, once and for all, decide the Democrat's candidate for president. I know, when I heard the term, I pictured Superman and Batman stepping into the Democratic National Convention to cast their votes. Though that WOULD bring some much needed excitement to the proceedings, in my opinion.

Also, this weekend in sunny San Diego is the Libertarian Annual Convention of Delegates for California.

Your Libertarian Citizen Voices blogger is going to try VERY hard to cover it for all of you, if he can! Check the blog for more updates. I'll be discussing it next week either way.

- Steven Garrett is a professional food blogger who lives in Chula Vista.