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A Blogger's Opinion of the Upcoming Mayoral Race

Next, we have Independent Steve Francis , as the first of our alternate choices. First off, I applaud Mr. Francis for his accomplishments in the business world. But, I disagree with his stance on wanting our dwindling police force to go after illegal immigrants rather than stopping REAL criminals.

After all, that is why we have immigration and border patrol! It's what we pay them for!

Next, we have Independent Jim Hart . He is the most green of our candidates for mayor. He urges for more use of alternative energy sources, cleaning up the county's environment, and making housing in San Diego more affordable. Though, on a side note, all of the foreclosures are doing a lot to lower housing costs already. Very noble goals, but I doubt a mayor can really make it all happen in one term.


Now we reach Floyd Marrow , a Democrat.

Another supporter of affordable housing in the county, he seems to have a stable head on his shoulders. I honestly can't think of anything bad to say about this candidate, other than that I've heard very little on his stance. But then again, the campaign is still young. He is definitely one I'm going to keep my eye on.

Finally, we have Eric Bidwell, Nonpartisan, as our final choice. I like this candidate, and not just because he friended me on Myspace and Facebook !

In the latest mayoral debate, & Bidwell was the most personable candidate on the stage. Bringing laughter at some points, and groans from his dropping a few choice 4-letter words, he was NOT your average candidate.

Another proponent of common sense, a dying commodity that is no longer common in this country, I have to admit I like his stances on a lot of issues.


So, overall, who will I be watching closest in this coming Mayoral race? Floyd Marrow and Eric Bidwell are definitely at the top of the list, for me. This is then followed by Steve Francis, then, finally, I'll watch for Jerry Sanders and Jim Hart's take on the issues.

Right now, if I was to choose a candidate, I'd vote for Eric Bidwell just to shake things up a bit. & But, the election isn't for two more months, so we have a long road to go until then.

- Citizen Voices blogger Steven Garrett is a professional food blogger who lives in Chula Vista.