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A Changed Man?

By chance, as I am writing this, the anchors of the three major networks are on Good Morning America promoting a Stand Up to Cancer Campaign.

When the show's co-anchor asked them how they felt about McClellan's accusation that the press was remiss in asking the right questions before the invasion of Iraq, & they each described an atmosphere of repression where they "got in trouble" if they asked questions critical of Bush's White House.

This is infuriating because there were plenty of people asking the right questions, while the weapons inspectors begged for more time. But the networks followed the White House edict and generally portrayed these people as "aiding and abetting" so here we are five years, two months and eleven days later, and the world is a pretty sorry place.


McClellan's book might be admirable if it weren't so apparently self-serving, and I hate that he will make money on it. I thought maybe he wrote the book because he was out of a job, but a search of the Internet shows his current place of employment to be HardhatbidInc . HHD seems to have experienced exponential growth in the last five years, adding clients throughout the Middle East and Africa.

And what's this? Why it seems that one of their partners isthe Al Janabi Group . Well, I guess we should all be used to the smell of war profiteering by now, but gosh Scott, it does give one pause.

-Citizen Voices blogger Candace Suerstedt is a filmmaker and a mother of three who lives in Coronado.