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Businessman Bob Rubin, Along For the Ride at the RNC

Above: Click to watch the interview with Bob Rubin

Sustenance at conventions is not always easy to come by. & So the conventional wisdom is to eat when you see food.

I was grabbing a sandwich from a kiosk at Minneapolis' grand Convention Center when I overheard a man say "San Diego." & I had no idea who this person was, although he did look familiar. & But I was there to ask questions and he was willing to be interviewed.


Turns out he is his wife's guest and she is an alternate delegate from San Diego's 52nd Congressional District (Rep. Duncan Hunter's district). & She is Christine Ribieros Rubin, District Director for State Senator Mark Wyland who represents the 38th State Senate District. She has served in the Schwarzenegger Administration and worked for John McCain's campaign in 2000 and again in his current bid for president.

So, she is well-connected politically. & But what about Bob? & Just an ordinary helpmate, accompanying his spouse to a convention?

Not exactly. & After I did that totally unplanned, spontaneous interview with him (video above), I found his website thanks to a fast Google search. Here's a bit about the company he owns and founded:

"Program Advancement Group, Inc. is a Veteran-Owned Small Business located in San Diego, California. For the past 14 years, we have been dedicated to providing the most superior analytical support available. Our province is in the areas of operations research, solutions to government operational & logistics/business problems, and technical consulting applied to the management of science and engineering endeavors."

Bob Rubin's Specialties:

"Assist commercial firms with technical capabilities in forming new liaisons with State and Federal Government. & It's always good to have some background to put a frame around what folks have to say."