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Post-Election Blues

What can I say about the election? & The candidate I (reluctantly) voted for in the Presidential race won. & The majority of the people of California then turned away from his message of change and hope and voted to make me an official second-class citizen of my native state. Overall, I think the United States did well, and California will eventually recover from this stain on its reputation as a social and cultural leader.

Happy? Not really. Moving on though. As I posted elsewhere before the election, it had become apparent that Proposition 8 wasn't going to end debate on marriage equality on November 4. I'm convinced the battle will continue, both in California and elsewhere , and marriage equality will eventually win out. &

I will admit to a fit of schadenfreude giggles at seeing that Alaska re-elected convicted Republican Senator Ted Stevens to office. & Call it a guilty pleasure it you will, but it felt good.


On that note, I'll leave you with some other thoughts on the recent electoral results: Kyle Cummings , Michael McAllister , and Joe Crawford . All three are unique Californians that add plenty to the diversity of opinion (and styles) on the internet and are well worth a few minutes of your time.