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Charles Hartley

  • What can I say about the election? & The candidate I (reluctantly) voted for in the Presidential race won. & The majority of the people of California then turned away from his message of change and hope and voted to make me an official second-class citizen of my native state. Overall, I think the United States did well, and California will eventually recover from this stain on its reputation as a social and cultural leader.
  • Election Day's all about the fuzzy slippers this time around. & I actually voted last week, so today I'm at my desk and watching the rain through the office window while my feet stay dry and warm . & It's not that I'm not doing anything election-related today - the husband and I placed a few more No on 8 signs around the neighborhood while we walked the dog this morning, and I'll spend most of the day waiting for and watching returns. &
  • With one week to go, my mind's made up on this year's ballot, but for those who are still undecided, a little help in finest of American traditions. & Peer pressure. &
  • What it boils down to is that I believe continued leadership of the country by the Republican Party, either through the presidency or through having a significant presence in Congress, will only make things worse for the country. & Bigger, more intrusive government. & A national debt that will make drastically higher taxes inevitable for future leaders. & Nanny-statism, if not for individuals than for corporate contributers, and a system of checks, balances, rewards and patronage completely detached from the concept of merit.
  • While the election is still officially nearly one month away, in reality it is much, much closer. & As in 'the call is coming from inside the house' is closer. & Yes, for many of us, the election is here - my husband and I are both registered as permanent vote-by-mail voters.
  • Palin's demeanor impressed me, and certainly exceeded my expectations given her