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Dry and Warm

Election Day's all about the fuzzy slippers this time around. & I actually voted last week, so today I'm at my desk and watching the rain through the office window while my feet stay dry and warm . & It's not that I'm not doing anything election-related today - the husband and I placed a few more No on 8 signs around the neighborhood while we walked the dog this morning, and I'll spend most of the day waiting for and watching returns. &

I've been voting for more than 25 years now, and have supported candidates, cheered at rallies , monitored overseas elections and even worked a polling station here in California, but I've never been as emotionally invested in an election as I am in this one. &

The candidates aren't that important to me this time around, but when a bunch of out-of-state money can come here and try and insert decidedly un-Californian values into the California constitution, it bothers me. That a bunch of people can come here and and try to take away my rights and my husband's rights and the rights of thousands of other Californians bothers me. &


I'm optimistic that Californians will see through the fearmongering and keep California as a leader in civil rights for all citizens. & I have to be - I know that Californians are better than this. & That's why I vote.