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Judge Confirms Seals Must Go

Sending the Seals Away

A state judge has ruled the city of San Diego must remove the seals from the Children's Pool in La Jolla. But as KPBS reporter Katie Orr explains, the city says getting rid of the animals won't be cheap.

The judge ordered everyone involved in the case to meet again on June 15th to discuss how the city should drive the seals off the beach. The judge also ruled a federal restraining order preventing the seal's removal isn't in effect anymore. Andrew Jones is with the City Attorney's office. He says removing the animals could cost between $600,000 $700,000.


"The cost would include the person who would be responsible for monitoring whatever method was used to disperse the seals, and the cost of the police officer that would have to guard that person," says Jones. "Because we expect there would be some resistance from folks who are in favor of the seals."

Jones says his office has already asked the federal court to clarify whether the restraining order is still in effect. A federal order would override the state court's decision.