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S.D. Council Gets Details On Deficit

SD council gets details on Deficit
The San Diego city council held its first public meeting today (Wednesday) to discuss the city's record breaking budget deficit.

The San Diego city council held its first public meeting Wednesday to discuss the city’s record-breaking budget deficit.

San Diego is facing a $180 million to $200 million deficit next year depending on what report you look at. The city council heard from San Diego’s Chief Financial Officer who’s projecting the $180 million deficit and Independent Budget Analyst Andrea Tevlin who put the amount closer to $200 million. Tevlin said there’s no easy way to fill the budget hole by next year.


“There are very few viable solutions that can get at the magnitude of the problem or can be accomplished by fiscal year 2011 short of service reductions, program and personnel reductions,” she said.

The deficit amounts to between 20 and 25 percent of the city’s general fund. Several council members stressed the need to act quickly instead of waiting until next spring to deal with the budget.