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California's Community Colleges Expect To Educate 21,000 Fewer Students

Despite increased demand, California's community colleges expect to educate about 21,000 fewer students this year. That's the word from Chancellor Jack Scott. He says about 8 percent of community college funding was cut last year.

To compensate, he says colleges have dipped into reserves and are cutting courses. "The demand is there," he says. "The customers want our service, but we cannot afford to continue to offer more and more classes despite the demand. So in order to avoid red ink, districts are making the adjustments that they have to make or else they would be facing bankruptcy."

Scott says some recreational courses may be dropped, because colleges will be focusing on basic skills and career-technical education. He says courses for students hoping to transfer to a UC or CSU school are also a priority. He says demand is higher because there are more high school graduates and unemployed Californians seeking training for a new career. He says enrollment caps at UC and CSU schools have also increased demand.

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