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San Diego's Fire Pits Rescued Again

Private Donations Keep Fires Burning

The concrete fire rings at San Diego city beaches and parks have been saved by public donations again.

The city cut the maintenance of 186 fire pits in 2008 to close its budget deficit.

But an anonymous donor rescued the fire pits with a donation to keep it going through the end of this June.


San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders provided more good news on KPBS Radio's These Days Program.

"Some more donors have stepped up to fund the fire pits, probably for the next year, year-and-a-half, maybe longer than that," said Sanders.

Without the private funding, the public fire pits were going to be removed.

"It's kind of a funny thing, you talk to people about fire pits, I don't talk to many people who use them, but they like the idea of them, it's kind of San Diego," said Sanders.

The city staffs two full-time positions to take care of the pits.


Critics say the city should pay for maintenance because residents already pay with their taxes.