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Calif. State Legislature Breaks Record For Latest Budget

California lawmakers are likely to reach a discouraging milestone today -- the state’s longest budget impasse. The latest budget ever passed by the legislature was September 16th, 2008. So unless lawmakers pass something today, which is unlikely, they’ll have a new record on their hands.

Alicia Trost is with Democratic Senate Leader Darrell Steinberg’s office. She says two years ago the impasse wasn’t as tough because lawmakers had more solutions to choose from.

“It was all these accounting gimmicks that just are no longer available to us so it’s actually part of the reason why we are here today,” said Trost.


Trost says Democrats still oppose deep cuts to welfare programs and education. Assembly Republican Leader Martin Garrick says Republicans won’t support any tax increases. But he says everyone wants to see a budget deal as soon as possible.

"I’m willing to meet any day, any time in the state of California," said Garrick.

Legislative leaders are still working out how to close the state’s $19 billion gap.