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SD Schools Wants A Piece of the Redevelopment Pie

San Diego City school officials want to fast-track a $64 million check from the city’s downtown redevelopment agency.

The Centre City Development Corporation, San Diego’s downtown redevelopment arm, is rushing to get its wish list of projects to the city council next week.

CCDC does not want funding for these projects to dry up as a result of Governor Jerry Brown’s plan to eliminate redevelopment agencies next year.


Brown says funding requests for projects this year will face intense scrutiny or possible cancellation.

San Diego’s redevelopment wish list includes $157 million for downtown parking garages.

Nothing, however, is earmarked for San Diego City Schools.

School board president Richard Barrera says CCDC has a tax sharing agreement with San Diego Unified.

The district is supposed to get $64 million beginning in the year 2017. Barrera says the district wants that money now to shore-up its budget gap.


“We want to accelerate that money so it gets to us in the time of the greatest need, which is going into next year,” Barrera said.

Barrera wants the city council to amend CCDC's wish list on Monday.