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Aguirre Still Sparring From The Sidelines

Editor's note: KPBS has removed a comment about Michael Aguirre that appeared in an earlier version of this story.Former San Diego City Attorney Michael Aguirre says he’s not running for public office again, even though the California Bar Association has dropped its investigations against him. But that doesn’t mean Aguirre is ready to leave the public spotlight.

The California Bar Association dropped all seven complaints filed against Aguirre during his tempestuous tenure as the city attorney between 2004 and 2008.

He was accused of professional misconduct and conflict of interest, because of his conviction that his job was to serve the public interest rather than the interests of the mayor and city council.


Aguirre was voted out of office, but he hasn’t changed his tune on city politics.

“You cannot serve in public office unless you have the public completely committed to cleaning up the situation that we have here in San Diego, and we need a cleaning from the top to the bottom,” he said. “If that were ever to happen then I’m going to keep my eyes open and come in off the sideline, but I don’t see that happening at least for the foreseeable future.”

Political consultant John Dadian said he thinks there’s a strong chance Aguirre could run for office again.

“The only criteria for being an elected official is you just have to get a majority of your citizens to say that you should be in office, and I’m sure it’s on his mind.”

Dadian said a majority of the voters clearly felt Aguirre did not do a good job when they voted him out in 2008.