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Brown's Budget Proposal Gains Support

Budget talks inside the state Capitol have hit a snag, but external support for Governor Jerry Brown’s proposal is growing. Tuesday the Silicon Valley Leadership Group announced its support for Brown’s plan to cut most sectors of government and to extend several tax increases for five years.

Carl Guardino is CEO and President of the group. He said Brown is taking the right approach.

“Those tax extensions touch all of our lives and livelihoods in a way that’s fair, based on what we can afford,” Guardino said. “We think that’s best. We think it’s much better than the approach of ‘I think this is really important to me so I want you to pay for it.’ If it’s important to California then we should all have skin in the game.”


Other business groups, including the Los Angeles-area Chamber of Commerce support the Governor’s plan too. Brown also announced that several law enforcement groups have endorsed his proposal to shift more responsibility for programs to local governments.

Yesterday, a group of Republicans sent Brown a letter saying that their budget talks had reached an impasse.