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Dems Vote On Budget Despite Opposition From GOP

Democratic leaders have called afternoon budget votes in both houses of the legislature Wednesday, even though there’s no deal yet with Republicans. In a statement, Assembly Speaker John Perez said he hoped every member would make the “sober, responsible decision to approve the Governor’s budget plan.”

Lawmakers expect to take up Governor Jerry Brown’s spending package, which includes billions in cuts – and billions in tax extensions. Brown said it’s time.

“At some point we have to go to a vote,” Brown said. “They have to do the cuts – then it’s better to get 12 billion than have 25 billion.”


Republicans generally oppose Brown’s plan to extend tax increases. However, the Governor has been meeting with a group of GOP Senators who’ve been negotiating the issue in an effort to gain pension and spending reforms.

Brown wants to put the tax extensions to voters in June. He is running out of time to make that happen.