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Brown Vows to Fight "Cult-like" Climate Change Deniers

California Governor Jerry Brown used some harsh words to criticize Republicans who deny the existence of climate change at his conference on climate change in San Francisco on Thursday.

Here's just one example of what the governor had to say:

"The main thing we have to deal with in climate change is the skepticism, the denial and the cult-like behavior of the political lemmings that would take us over the cliff."

And Brown said he knows a thing or two about cults.

"I don't know whether I'd say my Jesuit experience was a cult experience, but it was dogmatic, somewhat one-sided, to say the least, and not particularly open to contrary opinion. So that is not what climate science is all about."

Speaking to a couple hundred leaders in politics, business and science, the governor vowed that California will fight global warming critics to put the world on a more sustainable path.