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Brown: Both Political Parties Face "Climate of Fear"

Governor Jerry Brown is wrapped up his second multi-day Thursday was full of meetings and speeches intended to win support for his platform of budget cuts, taxes and pension changes.

In an LA radio interview, Brown called on both parties to make difficult decisions that alienate their supporters to get the state back on track.

“I gotta tell you – you can say the Democrats are scared of unions. Well, Republicans are scared of talk show hosts. And they are afraid even to come down to my office, except through the back door. We’re dealing in a climate of fear on all sides,” said Brown.

The governor also told KPCC Radio that he’s raised almost two million dollars for his proposed sales and income tax initiative. He needs that money – and more – to gather signatures to qualify it for the November election. Records show Brown has already received large donations from the California Hospitals Association, Occidental Petroleum and several Indian tribes.