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Debate Continues Over Size, Timing of Water Bond

Debate Continues Over Size, Timing of Water Bond
State lawmakers from the Central Valley say they’re still uncertain whether the 11-billion dollar water bond should remain on November’s ballot. There’s also debate over how big it should be.

The lawmakers who addressed the Association of California Water Agencies all want a water bond. The question is how to do it. Democratic Assemblyman Henry Perea said he favors having voters decide in November, rather than delay it until 2014, but notes the price tag is an issue.

“We are going to have to take a serious look at how we pare down the overall number of the bond to get it to a place where we’re doing good water infrastructure projects but also able to sell it to the voters,” said Perea.

Critics said the measure is filled with unnecessary pork projects. But GOP State Senator Jean Fuller doesn’t think there’s any appetite among lawmakers to trim the measure


“I think it dies if it goes back to be cut,” said Fuller.

Any changes would require bi-partisan super majorities in both houses of the legislature.