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State Lawmakers Don Hoodies In Support Of Florida Teen

Ben Adler

Some California state lawmakers wore gray hooded sweatshirts around the Capitol this morning. They were showing support for a Florida teen who was shot to death by a volunteer neighborhood watch captain. Trayvon Martin was wearing a “hoodie” when he was killed. The man who shot him has not been charged.

Democratic State Assemblyman Steven Bradford says the case brings up questions about why African Americans and people of color are still treated differently in this country. “I’m here to stand with my colleagues and bring attention to the need to bring justice not just for Trayvon Martin but all the young men and women of color who are constantly victimized daily in this country simply because of the color of their skin,” said Bradford.

Lawmakers held a news conference after the State Senate adjourned in Martin’s memory. They are calling for justice in the Martin case and support a federal investigation of the shooting.

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