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San Diego Super PAC To Promote Defense Spending

A new political action committee that plans to promote a vigorous national defense strategy is set to launch in San Diego tomorrow.

Organizers of the Fight 4 America super PAC plan to unveil television commercials that focus on defense budgets under President Barack Obama.

The board of directors includes former Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-El Cajon, who for years was the GOP leader of the House Armed Services Committee, and Republican political strategist Ed Rollins.


A mission statement from Fight 4 America says the organization wants to keep "America's defenses strong, ready and able to defend our nation's interests, and to ensure that the men and women in uniform who defend our country should be the best equipped, trained and supported in the world.''

Spokesman Tony Manolatos said Fight 4 America expects to be around long after the November election -- serving as a watchdog, holding the president and Congress accountable, and supporting national security and the nation's military personnel.