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California's First "Top-Two" Election Could Test Voters

California’s First “Top-Two” Election Could Test Voters
Tuesday could be a confusing day for some voters at the polls. It's the first statewide primary under California's new "Top-Two" system.

This primary instead of being limited to candidates of their own party, California voters can select anyone on the ballot.

Trudy Schafer is with the League of Women Voters of California. She said she hopes with all the publicity voters won't find the change too confusing, even when they see 24 candidates for one U.S. Senate seat.

"It's surprising how many people are running in that one race for U.S. Senate," said Schafer. "All we can hope is that voters will keep reading and reading and reading until they get to the end of that list - and then mark their ballots."

The top two candidates move on to the general election, regardless of party.