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Tuition Freeze Or Mid-Year Increase? UC Sets Stakes For Prop 30

The University of California says its tuition could go up 20 percent in the middle of the upcoming school year if voters reject Governor Jerry Brown’s November tax initiative.

But the Board of Regents approved a resolution today that promises a one-year tuition freeze if that measure passes. UC President Mark Yudof said “If our students want to keep tuition low and tuition increases modest, then they need to know that the governor’s initiative offers a pathway to those goals, and the only pathway that we’ve seen that’s realistic at this point in time.”

The 20 percent tuition increase translates to about $2500 per student.


The new state budget includes an extra $125 million for the UC if it freezes its tuition and Proposition 30 passes. The measure’s failure would trigger a $250 million mid-year cut.

The campaign opposing Brown’s tax measure says this “false choice” sets up “an irresponsible threat to hold higher education hostage.”