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Ban On Doghunts Of Bears, Bobcats Passes Assembly

A bill that would ban the use of dogs to hunt bears or bobcats in California has passed the State Assembly after a bitter debate.

The measure has upset Republicans like Assemblyman Bill Berryhill, who said hunters’ rights are being unfairly targeted.

“I strongly, for the tradition of the houndsmen that dates back to British rule, for public safety – I strongly, strongly urge a no vote on this bill," said Berryhill.


Some Democrats didn’t support the bill either. But others, like Assemblyman Anthony Portantino, criticized the practice of hound hunting as unacceptably brutal.

“To think that someone would find it fun to unleash a pack of dogs to terrorize bears for four miles until their exhaustion – until some of them die – that’s just wrong," said Portantino.

The ban passed the Assembly on a 44-to-29 vote. It now faces a final vote in the Senate before it can reach the governor’s desk.

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