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California Voter Registration Likely to Hit Record High

California’s Secretary of State said voter registration for the November election could reach a record high.

In the final 45 days leading up to this week’s deadline, more than 679,000 Californians were added to the state’s voter rolls. And county elections offices are continuing to verify thousands of additional applications.

Kim Alexander with the California Voter Foundation said of the 679,000 registrants, 381,000 registered online.


“Slightly more than half of them came into the system through the online registration system, while the other half used paper," explained Alexander. "That tells us two things, it tells us that the online system is incredibly popular and it also tells us we need to keep the paper system around because a lot of people are using that too."

The last certified data on September 7th showed a little more than seventeen-point-two million voters. The record high was seventeen-point-three million in February 2009.

The Secretary of State cautions that this is not the final number. That won’t be available until November 2nd.

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