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Poll Shows Prop 30 Could Get Support It Needs

A recent Los Angeles Times and University of Southern California poll shows that Proposition 30 could get the support it needs to pass.

California Governor Jerry Brown’s tax measure has less than 50 percent support in the poll. But analysts say voters who remain undecided tend to be Democrats, Obama supporters and minorities.

Dave Kanevsky, Research Director for American Viewpoint, which helped conduct the poll, said those demographics reflect a lot of people who are voting yes on Prop 30.

“So Prop 30 can push its way over the finish line but I think it’s going to be very close. And the yes campaign really has to convince its demographic base that are hesitant about this, hesitant on raising taxes, that this money will go where it needs to go.”

Only 46 percent of registered voters now support Prop 30, a nine percent drop over last month.

42 percent oppose it.