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Bilbray, Peters Tied In 52nd Congressional Race, New Poll Says

A poll conducted by SurveyUSA found that the race for the 52nd Congressional District is tied between Republican Brian Bilbray and Democrat Scott Peters.

The poll found that if the Nov. 6 elections were held Wednesday, 46 percent would vote for Bilbray and 46 percent would vote for Peters. The remaining 8 percent would be undecided.

The survey had a 4 percent margin of error.


The poll showed Peters leading among younger voters and Bilbray among older voters. Meanwhile, voters in other groups including men, women, those with middle and upper-incomes and those who have and haven't already voted were split.

Voters favored Peters at 38 percent to Bilbray at 36 percent on the issue of who would do more to protect Medicare. Both candidates have highlighted the program during their campaigns and on their television ads.

But, Bilbray was ahead of Peters when it comes to who would bring more jobs to the district with 40 percent of voters compared to 30 percent for his opponent.

The poll is the result of phone interviews with 700 registered voters in the district. Of that group, 628 voters said they have either already returned a ballot or were likely to do so on or before Election Day.