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How You Voted: 52nd Congressional Race

It’s still too close to call a winner in the race for the congressional seat in the 52nd district, which stretches from Poway to Del Mar and then hugs to coast down to Coronado. Democrat Scott Peters was ahead of Republican incumbent Brian Bilbray by 814 votes as of Nov. 8, but the Registrar of Voters is continuing to count the provisional ballots. It likely will be weeks before the winner is declared.

The map illustrates how close the race is: Peters only won 13 more precincts than Bilbray in the 420 precincts where votes were cast, including the vote-by-mail. If vote-by-mail locations are excluded, Peters only took four more precincts than Bilbray.

This interactive map shows how votes were distributed across the district’s 420 precincts. (There are precincts included in the Registrar’s data that are unpopulated, so we have not included those.) The shading of the precincts is based on the margin by which a candidate won that precinct. The darker the color, the wider the margin. We have included in the map the vote-by-mail locations where ballots were tallied.


The map shows the precinct totals as of Nov. 7. Although the Registrar will be updating the counts as more ballots are tallied, the precinct totals, which are necessary to update this map, will not be released until Dec. 4. That’s when we’ll plug in the final numbers.

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