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DeMaio Praises Colleagues During Last Council Meeting


Councilman Carl DeMaio praised his colleagues during his last official meeting today for their hard work on behalf of constituents.

DeMaio, at times a lightning rod on the panel, thanked his fellow council members for not letting disagreements on policy get in the way of the needs of his district in the north-inland portion of the city.

"I can never pinpoint a point where someone has taken it out on either my district or someone else for a disagreement on policy,'' DeMaio said. "This council has been very courteous and very supportive of projects in each council member's district, and I think that is very unique and very welcome.''


DeMaio also lavished praise on council President Tony Young, City Attorney Jan Goldsmith and Assistant City Attorney Mary Jo Lanzafame, and City Clerk Elizabeth Maland and her employees.

DeMaio gave up his seat to make his ultimately unsuccessful bid for mayor. Mark Kersey -- elected without opposition -- will assume his office on Monday.

Councilman Kevin Faulconer said DeMaio worked "24/7'' during his four years.

"He's been an incredible advocate on fiscal issues, reform issues,'' Faulconer said. "I would say, in large part, as this council has worked together with our Mayor Jerry Sanders, Carl, you have been a driving force for that, my friend, and this city is better off for it because of your efforts -- all of your hard work.''

Lorie Zapf, another DeMaio ally on the body, said it was sad that the current roster of council members was breaking up because they had "a remarkable two years'' of accomplishments.


Young announced his resignation, effective at the end of the year, to become CEO of the American Red Cross San Diego/Imperial Counties Chapter.