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Nevada's Secretary of State To Introduce Bill On Photo ID Poll Book

Voters cast their ballots Oct. 29 at the Meadows Mall in Las Vegas.
Veronica Zaragovia
Voters cast their ballots Oct. 29 at the Meadows Mall in Las Vegas.
Nevada Voter ID
Nevada's Secretary of State to sponsor bill on photo ID poll book.

When lawmakers convene for the 2013 Legislative Session, they’ll consider Secretary Ross Miller’s bill requiring a photo as proof of a Nevada voter’s identity. Photos would come from the Nevada DMV database. Those who lack an ID or license will take a picture at the polling place and sign an affidavit.

"Unlike requirements that bring a photo ID to the poll, this would instead put the onus of maintaining the photograph on the election officials," Miller said. "This proposal is one I never thought of until the Democratic Secretary of State [Mark Ritchie] sponsored legislation in Minnesota. This was his idea and I thought it was a great one."

Voting experts say the bill doesn’t appear to be as strict as other voter ID laws across the country. Some critics worry about the cost to the state and the legislature could amend the bill into something more restrictive.


The Brennan Center for Justice at NYU says since January 2011, nearly 200 voter ID bills were introduced in 41 states. Most require government-issued photo IDs. But for the 2012 election, 14 states reversed or weakened the most restrictive measures.