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Mayor Bans City Employees From Work Travel


New San Diego Mayor Bob Filner said today he has temporarily barred municipal employees from going out of town on business until the city's travel policy can be strengthened.

Filner said recent news stories raising questions about travel spending at the Port of San Diego and San Diego County Regional Airport Authority showed a lack of "proper respect for the use of public funds.''

In response, he reviewed the city's travel policy and found it to be "weak,'' especially when compared to what he had to deal with as a 10-term congressman. Reporting requirements and justifications on how each trip will benefit the city need to be improved, he said.


The travel policy places per diem caps on travelers, which is adjusted downward if meals are provided by event hosts, according to city Chief Operating Officer Jay Goldstone.

Filner said the moratorium will remain in place for about two to three months. Exceptions will be allowed for trips that have already been paid for or are deemed necessary, he said.