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Oceanside City Council Votes to Remove Mayor From SANDAG

Jim Wood is the mayor of Oceanside.
Jim Wood is the mayor of Oceanside.

A pro development majority on the Oceanside city council has voted to oust Mayor Jim Wood from his position on the regional planning board, SANDAG.

Mayor Jim Wood campaigned on a platform of prioritizing neighborhoods over big development and easily defeated two challengers last November, keeping his seat with more than 54 percent of the vote.

Oceanside City Council Aims To Recall Mayor From SANDAG
Oceanside voters gave their mayor Jim Wood a third term in office, but now some members of his own City Council are challenging his right to represent the city.

But he is part of a voting minority on the five-member City Council. Now the three-man majority is voting to undermine his authority. Councilman Gary Felien wants to replace Wood on the regional planning board, SANDAG, which is normally made up of the mayors of all 18 cities in San Diego, or their appointees.


Felien said Wood has not represented Oceanside's interests at SANDAG because he has not pushed for new road projects that would ease gridlock around the busy Highway 78.

Wood pointed out at the city council meeting that SANDAG is being challenged in court for its 2050 transportation plan, because its emphasis on road building doesn't comply with the state's law to limit greenhouse gases. He has said he will hire former San Diego City Attorney Mike Aguirre's office to defend his right to represent the city of Oceanside on the SANDAG board.

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