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District 4 Primary Candidates Line Up Behind Dwayne Crenshaw

Five out of seven of the candidates who were eliminated in the City Council District 4 primary endorsed Dwayne Crenshaw in the district's runoff today.

Blanca Brown, Bruce Williams, Sandy Spackman, Barry Pollard and Tony Villafranco announced their support at a press conference in Chollas Lake. The two other primary candidates, lawyer Monica Montgomery and developer Ray Smith, did not make an endorsement.

Crenshaw is in a runoff against Myrtle Cole to fill the empty seat on the City Council. Cole was recently endorsed by Mayor Bob Filner and City Council President Todd Gloria.


“Both of these candidates (Crenshaw and Cole) are Democrats, generally same values, same goals and same beliefs," Pollard said in a statement announcing the endorsement. "We accepted those assumptions and began to focus on what is in the best interest of our community.

"We focused on potholes, economic development and grocery stores versus outside interests. We focused on skills and experience versus popularity. We focused on streetlights, neighborhood safety and jobs rather than political favors and endorsements. And finally, we focused on substance rather than rhetoric."

He said the choice of Crenshaw "was obvious."

The final election will be held May 21.