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Ribbon Cut on New Registrar of Voters Office

San Diego County Supervisors pulled away billowy white sheets to reveal two huge ceramic heads by the artist Jun Kaneko. Then they wielded giant gleaming scissors to cut an oversized ribbon. All this pageantry is because of the grand opening of a brand new building in a San Deigo County complex in Kearney Mesa: The Registrar of Voters office.

Registrar Michael Vu is giddy about the place he will now know as the office. “This is a huge celebration for us,” he said. “It’s a once in a lifetime chance to build a building from the ground up and really fit our operations.”

The approximately 445 million-dollar project includes a cohesive—and green – design for the whole campus of County buildings. But the jewel is the new registrars office.


County Supervisor Ron Roberts says it’s a real step up from where they were before, “they were in an old converted warehouse; here they are going to be in something that has been designed for them.” Roberts said that it’s about more than creating more space to store equipment, “it’s more both for storing their machines, but especially for conducting elections.”

First up: The mayoral run off—although still no word on when that will be.