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California Supreme Court Declines To Hear High Speed Rail Case

A rendering of the proposed high speed rail project.
California High-Speed Rail
A rendering of the proposed high speed rail project.

The California Supreme Court’s decision to not hear the high speed rail case lets a lower appeals court ruling stand that allows the state to issue $8.6 billion in bonds to fund the project. The California High Speed Rail Authority also will not have to develop a new funding plan.

The Pacific Legal Foundation represented the plaintiffs suing to stop the bonds from being issued. The foundation’s Harold Johnson called the refusal to hear the case bad news for California taxpayers.

“It’s such an expensive gambit that the court has sanctioned today," Johnson said. "I think it’s not just really bad public policy, I think it’s wrong as matter of constitutional law.”


But Lisa Marie Alley with the High Speed Rail Authority called it a big victory.

“It once again reaffirms that we’re building a modern high speed rail system that connects the state, creates jobs and complies with the law,” she said.

The project still faces other lawsuits. But Alley says these two were the most challenging to date.