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Live results: 2024 Primary Election — Chula Vista City Council District 4

Chula Vista City Hall is shown on Oct. 21, 2021 with the Voter Hub overlay.
Matthew Bowler
Chula Vista City Hall is shown on Oct. 21, 2021 with the Voter Hub overlay.

Live Results

The latest returns released by the Registrar of Voters on Thursday show Cesar Fernandez and Rudy Ramirez remain in the lead for Chula Vista’s Council District 4 race.

In third place is Delfina Gonzalez, and in a close fourth was former Councilmember Andrea Cardenas. She recently resigned her seat and pleaded guilty to federal charges.

In a statement, Fernandez said he was grateful for the support from voters so far. He said the results showed that District 4 was tired of politics as usual. He also said he's ready to restore trust in city government.


Ramirez said he’s feeling cautiously optimistic.

"The margins are so tight that anything can happen. And everybody is kind of clustered together. So I have a feeling it's going to be a long night. So we're going to be standing by to see how things play out," Ramirez said.

The two top voter getters will advance to a runoff election in November.

Votes are still being tallied. The Registrar of Voters will certify the final count on April 4.

Why it matters

City councils are Chula Vista’s lawmakers. They work with other councilmembers to propose and adopt laws and policies, and make important decisions on how to spend public tax dollars. This includes expanding municipal services or cutting public programs to fund other priorities.


This year’s District 4 primary was especially confusing because the incumbent City Councilmember suddenly resigned last month amid a slew of criminal charges. Andrea Cardenas had filed to run for reelection despite accusations of fraud, grand theft and money laundering. But with two weeks to go before the election, she abruptly stepped down.

Cardenas did not say whether she was also withdrawing from the election, and it was too late to remove her name from the ballot, so voters still had the option to cast their ballot in her favor.

By the numbers

According to campaign finance disclosure forms, Rudy Ramirez and Cesar Fernandez raised the most money from the start of the year to Feb. 17. Ramirez raised around $3,600 to Fernandez’s $3,500, both largely from individual donors. Jose Sarmiento also raised around $3,500, although that included a $1,500 donation from himself.

Delfina Gonzalez raised around $2,200 and also loaned herself an additional $11,000. Christine Brady only raised $470, largely donated by herself. Andrea Cardenas did not raise any money.

Looking ahead

The two candidates who bring in the most votes will advance to a runoff in November.