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Investigators Find A Body They Think Is Chelsea King

Investigators today found what they believe to be the body of Poway teenager Chelsea King near the south end of Lake Hodges.

San Diego County Sheriff William Gore said that searchers found the body at 1 p.m., near a tributary to the lake. While positive identification had not yet been made, Gore said investigators believe it to be the body of Chelsea King. The 17-year-old girl had been missing since Thursday.

Gore said the body was found in a shallow grave. He would not comment on the condition of the body. He did say that Chelsea's parents were devastated.

"They were holding out hope, as we all were, that we would find Chelsea alive, and these were our worst fears that we would find her as we did today," said Gore.

A 30-year-old sex offender named John Albert Gardner is being held for Chelsea's disappearance. Gore said the body was spotted by a diver, who saw the shallow grave about 10 feet from the water.

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