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Public Safety

Firefighters Stop Blaze That Threatened Power Lines In Bell Valley Area

US and Mexican fire officials say they've stopped the spread of the fire on both sides of the border. The blaze began in near Tecate around one o'clock this afternoon and burnt into the US.

Cal Fire officials say they'll mop up until about 5 o'clock Sunday evening.

The blaze burned about 30 acres in the Bell Valley area, south of Potrero, and came within several hundred feet of power lines that run through the area.


Nick Schuler, Cal Fire spokesman, says says they called in an extra air tanker and helicopter from Riverside to help San Diego firefighters douse the flames.

Baja California's head of Civil Protection, Alfredo Escobedo, says firefighters have put out the blaze on their side of the border. He says its not clear how many acres burned.

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