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Public Safety

Community To Protest San Diego Border Deaths On Saturday

Civilian deaths at the hands of U.S. Border Patrol agents are increasing even though illegal immigration and assaults against agents are down.

Community members and activists from the San Diego Immigrants Rights Consortium say U.S. Customs and Border Protection needs to be more accountable and transparent when it comes to their involvement in apprehending people in the border region. The families and their supporters will begin week-long protests and meetings to bring awareness to recent shootings by border agents.

Valentin Tachiquin's daughter, Valeria, was shot and killed by a border patrol agent last September in Chula Vista.

"Today I just keep asking for justice, for help, for the community to be informed, for the community to help us out. To please participate tomorrow," said Tachiquin.


Family members of victims will travel to Washington, D.C. next week to speak with government officials as part of a border-wide delegation.

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