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Public Safety

Court Rules Against Ex-San Diego Cop Convicted In Sex Case

A screen grab of video of ex-San Diego Police Officer Anthony Arevalos.
Channel 10 News
A screen grab of video of ex-San Diego Police Officer Anthony Arevalos.

A state appeals court on Tuesday reversed a trial judge's decision to throw out two guilty verdicts against a former San Diego police officer convicted of sexually assaulting women he encountered on the job, mostly in the Gaslamp Quarter.

The 4th District Court of Appeal reversed last year's decision by Judge Jeffrey Fraser to overturn charges of sexual battery by restraint and assault and battery by a peace officer because handwritten notes from Officer Anthony Arevalos' main accuser were not turned over to the defense.

Fraser ruled that he was not confident a jury would have convicted Arevalos on the two counts if his defense team had access to the notes.


The appeals court reversed the decision and reinstated the verdicts.

Arevalos will now serve his full sentence of eight years and eight months in prison unless the state Supreme Court takes the case and rules in his favor.

Arevalos was convicted in November 2011 of felony and misdemeanor charges involving five women stopped in the Gaslamp, including multiple counts of sexual battery by restraint, asking for a bribe and assault and battery by a police officer. He was acquitted of other serious charges involving two other women.

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