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Rent Control To Go On Oceanside's June Ballot

Rent Control To Go On Oceanside's June Ballot
Oceanside residents will get the final say on rent control at the city’s mobile home parks.

The Oceanside City Council decided to stand by a recent ordinance that will phase out rent control, threatening some of the most affordable housing in the region. The issue will be on next June’s ballot in Oceanside, thanks to a petition signed by 15,000 residents.

Seniors, veterans and families who live in the parks say the equity in their homes will be destroyed by the ordinance, which ends rent restrictions when a mobile home owner sells their property.

Rent control has been in effect in Oceanside for the past 30 years, but the city is one of very few left in the state to maintain low rents using the policy.


The city clerk says putting the measure on the ballot measure will cost Oceanside $90,000.