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Women In Combat

Women Marines Signing Up For Combat Duty

The Pentagon decided in December to admit women for the first time to front-line ground combat roles. Two women stationed at Camp Pendleton shared with KPBS why they signed up for war zone jobs.

Navy Secretary Visits Camp Pendleton To Sell Marines On Women In Combat

The secretary told more than 1,200 Marines and sailors that the decision is final. Marine Corps leaders had sought to keep certain infantry and combat jobs closed to women.

'It's About Time,' Says San Diego Female Combat Veteran On Pentagon Decision

Historic decision opens approximately 220,000 military combat jobs to women

Navy veteran Natalie Slattery, who served as a gunner in ground combat in Iraq, was reacting to historic decision that opens approximately 220,000 military combat jobs to women.

Women Make History At Camp Pendleton, Train For Combat Roles

The yearlong experiment to determine whether women can serve in ground combat is wrapping up. "I think for the males they kind of expected us to be ... the moms, the sisters — kind of take care of us. But now they’re like, ‘OK, we’re a Marine, you’re a Marine. Let’s just get the job done,’" said Marine Sgt. Zarina Flemming.